Monday, November 25, 2013

Quick and Easy Thanksgiving Goody Bags!

Maybe you're looking for a quick and easy goody bag for your child's Thanksgiving party at school, for the children coming to Thanksgiving feast or just something cute to give your little one this Thursday? Whatever the case I've got you covered. I made these goody bags last week (and for very cheap!) for my son's Thanksgiving party at school.

I found the printable online through Happy Mommy Box for the goody bag and coloring page. I'm a subscriber to the box so it was free (non subscribers it's $10) OR there's always handy Pinterest. I found so many cute tags and coloring pages just by doing a quick search. Here are some examples: Goody Bag Tags and Coloring Pages

Ok, now for what is in the goody bags..

My kids are obsessed with lollipops, so I already had a big bag on hand as rewards. You can use whatever candy you'd like. Since Halloween was less than a month ago, I decided to skip on loading the kids down with candy. I went with stickers (the whole book was a $1 at Walmart and I ripped a sheet off each for each kid), mini bubbles ($1 walmart), coloring page and fruit snacks (I believe it was $3 or less for a pack of 10). 

I put all of the goodies into a ziploc bag, folded the goody tag that I printed on card stock and stapled it to each bag.

So simple, quick end easy! Three things that I love! 

Great for school parties, your kids, etc! The fact that they are undeniably cute makes them even better ;)

Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!  

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