Saturday, January 12, 2013

Eco Sprout Natural Laundry Detergent Review #GreenResolutions Sponsor Spotlight!

In a few weeks during the Cloth Diaper Q & A series we will be talking about how to wash cloth diapers. If you don't already know, cloth diapers can't just be washed in any detergent. They need to be washed in detergent that is free of dyes, enzymes, and brighteners so that they will stay absorbent and last a long time. I was given the opportunity to review Eco Sprout's natural detergent which is not only cloth diaper safe, but natural and biodegradable! 

Eco Sprout detergent is an eco-friendly alternative to other laundry detergents. It's a great cloth diaper detergent and it's also great for regular household laundry! It's great for babies and even adults with sensitive skin! It doesn't have dyes, enzymes, or brighteners so it rinses clean. There are five awesome scents to choose from but it is designed for you to enjoy in your laundry room. It washes out of your laundry and leaves nothing but clean! 

I received the scent Green Tea and a sample scent of Fresh Linen to review. They both smell amazing!! On the packaging there are directions for first time users and for regular use of the detergent. Basically for the first time, Eco Sprout suggests you soak your diapers in hot water with 3-4 tablespoons of the detergent for 3-5 hours. This will get rid of any buildup from other products you might have. So that's what I did first thing. I soaked my diapers and then did two more hot washes without detergent. A few days later the diapers my son was in were stinky every time he peed in them! I was a bit confused. A blogger friend of mine who also uses Eco Sprout suggested I do an overnight soak because there just might be that much buildup in my diapers! I had no idea! I mean, my diapers never smelled before, but apparently there was quite a bit of buildup regardless. The overnight soak did the trick though! I no longer get smelly diapers and my diapers are come out clean every time! I think it's really neat that the scent washes right out of the diapers. That really goes to show that the diapers are super clean. 

I am really liking Eco Sprout laundry detergent. It works really well and it's gentle and safe to use on my baby's clothing and diapers! 

Eco Sprout is generously offering one lucky winner one 24oz. bag of laundry detergent in winner's choice of scent during the Green Resolutions giveaway hop starting January 16th!

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  1. I really love using Eco Sprout! I too found that soaking them overnight really did the trick :)

  2. I'd love to try the Lavender Chamomile detergent.

  3. Ill have to give it a try! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I just ordered some sandlewood vanilla. I love Eco Sprout!!

  5. (hubby's account) How cool! Good thing you had someone to ask about soaking longer - that would have been discouraging to run into all that stink when you'd just stripped them!

  6. I will have to try with the next baby

  7. I've never tried this brand, but i'd really be interested in trying it out. I'm not sure of the brand I'm currently using-because it was given to me in a plastic baggie. But I'd love to try something that smells amazing :D


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