Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Cloth Diaper Q & A Week 5! {Convincing Other Caretakers!}

It's week 5 of cloth diaper Q & A and I think it's going really well if I may say so myself! Am I answering your questions? Do you have more questions for me? Feel free to email me at mommyferg02 (at) gmail (dot) com and I will be happy to answer your questions here each week! 

This week we are discussing how to convince other caretakers to also use cloth! Not everyone sees how cute and fun cloth diapers can be! Not everyone cares that they are good for the environment and save money. Some people just see the mess and the poop and having to touch something your child pooped and peed in! Yes, even some dads see it that way! I've come up with a list to help you convince other caretakers like dads, grandparents, and even daycare workers to use cloth diapers on your baby too!

Make it Easy for Them!

Let's face it, some cloth diapers are super simple. Some require pinning or snappi's and have different parts to them. Those are NOT the kind of diapers you want to leave for a caretaker who is not used to using cloth diapers! My suggestion is to use all-in-ones or pockets that are already stuffed! That way all they have to do is put the diaper on the baby! Also, leave them plenty of wet bags so that all they have to do is put the soiled diaper into the wetbag. You could even tell them not to worry about poopy diapers. Just have them stick it in the wetbag and you can deal with it when you are home. If you make it as easy as possible for them, they will likely be more open to giving them a try!

Show them exactly how to do everything!

The best way to convince other caretakers that it is really not that bad using cloth diapers is to just show them how it's done! Show them exactly how to put the diaper on and exactly how to take it off. Show them where to put the diaper in the wetbag, and where to put the wetbag when they are done changing baby! Answer their questions, kindly and thoroughly. Don't make them feel like they are dumb or clueless if they have a lot of questions or concerns. It would probably be good to even do a trial run before you leave the baby with that person so they can change the diapers but you are there in case they need help or have questions! 

Don't Push It

If you cannot convince another caretaker to try cloth diapers, just let it go and don't push it. If you push it you will create tension between you and that other care taker and even cloth diapers are not worth that! Just use disposables in the meantime or look for another caretaker. Continue to use cloth diapers when you are around that person so they will continue to see how easy they are to use. Maybe, hopefully, eventually they will be more open to the idea and give it a try!

Have other cloth diaper questions you would like to see answered in this series? Just leave a comment here or email me at mommyferg02(at)gmail(dot) com! 


  1. Those are great tips, Michelle. I agree that showing them exactly how to use them usually makes just about anybody realize how easy modern cloth diapers really are!

  2. Great tips! I never really thought about how other caretakers need to learn the cloth diaper basics.

  3. These are great tips! Sometimes the hardest part is convincing other people just to keep an open mind about it :)

  4. Once my mom saw how easy cloth was, she didn't need any convincing!

  5. I have only encountered one person unwilling to do it. It was my sil. She is so funny! So when she kept our 3 kiddos for a weekend she bought sposies! Ha!

  6. After I moved a few months ago, I struggled with figuring out my wash routine. Unfortunately, we had quite a few leaks and it turned my babysitting swap buddies off of cloth. Oh, well. My husband is awesome about cloth diapers and my mom is always willing to use them when she visits.

  7. Excellent advice. After seeing how easy they can be and how cute they are, how can anyone say no? :)

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