Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Daddy Diapering Discussion!

This is my hubby, Brian. We've been married 3.5 years and he's pretty awesome if I must say so myself. I approached him about cloth diapering when Noah was about 6 months old. He was pretty open to the idea once I told him it would save us money. He did say he wasn't going to change any diapers though! I kind of just took over  from there. Now, 3 years later he is completely on board with cloth diapering and even changes diapers!! I realized recently, I never really asked him what his thoughts truly were on cloth, so I decided to interview him! 

Here's a daddy's perspective on cloth diapers! 

What were your thoughts when I first brought up cloth diapers to you?
I didn’t know anything about them. I thought they were the nasty rags with pins that they used to use.

What convinced you to give them a try?
Saving money and you showing me how they worked and how they looked.

How do you like cloth diapers now?
I like them much better than disposables. They don’t smell as bad, they save us money, and they are better than having a trash can full of diapers that aren’t good for the earth.

Do you know how to wash the diapers?
Nope..I leave that to you.

Has anyone ever given you a hard time for using cloth diapers? No. Some of my friends have seemed kind of surprised that we do it but mostly because they didn't know how different they are now than they used to be.

What would you say is the hardest part of cloth diapering?
Rinsing out the poopy diapers

What advice would you give to other families or dads who are interested in cloth diapering?
Just give it a try and be open-minded. Start off with just a couple and see how you like them first.

Would you recommend cloth diapers to a friend who was about to be a first time dad? Yes definitely! 

So there you go! Even dad's love cloth diapers!

Does your significant other love cloth diapers as much as you do? 


  1. This is probably what my husband would say! He generally leaves diaper changing to me and I washed all our cloth diapers. He did like the savings and the fact that our first daughter potty trained easier than our second (who was in disposables because our cloth diapers wore out after three years of constant use).

  2. Great interview! My hubby was skeptical at first, I really had to put on a presentation to convince him! LOL! But now that we've been doing cloth for about a year now he's totally on board with it. He even knows my favorite brands and which prints/colors I like the best for our little guy.

  3. What a great review! I'll definitely pass this on to friends who need their hubby's to buy-in to CDing!

  4. That is pretty much how my hubby feels too! He watches our daughter on the weekends while I work so he HAS to change diapers but even when I am home he usually changes her. I do tell him to leave the poopy ones for me to deal with and NO washing them..I will do that! :)


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