Sunday, August 12, 2012

Babywearing: My New Favorite Hobby!

When Noah was a baby I didn't know much about babywearing. I purchased a Baby K'Tan when he was about 3 months old, but didn't wear him often at all. I didn't use it as a helpful tool very often and Noah was such an independent, busy baby that he didn't care to be worn very often. 

When I got pregnant with Isaac I knew I wanted to give babywearing another try. I knew it would be helpful to be able to wear Isaac so I could have two free hands for Noah. I still had my Baby K'tan and I got a ring sling and a Beco to review here on the blog to try. And the addiction began! 

The Baby K'Tan and Ring Sling were my favorite when Isaac was a newborn. I would stick him in one of these and wear him in the grocery story, at church, and around the house! I loved how easy it was to get him in and out of both the K'Tan and the ring sling. 

I also had the Beco Butterfly 2, and as soon as Isaac reached the weight limit I gave it a try! I really like my Beco and still use it to this day! I love that I can carry him on my front and my back and I love that I can wear him in it until he is a toddler. It's comfortable and super easy to use! 

My latest addition to the collection is a woven wrap. Even when I started babywearing I never thought I would be a wrap girl. It looked so difficult! I've only had for a few weeks and it definitely does take some practice but I'm starting to get it! I wanted something that was a little cooler for these hot summer days and our trips to the beach. So far it does feel a little cooler and I'm really liking it! 

I just love babywearing so much now! It's convenient, it makes life easier, and it's fun! Isaac can be fussy and unhappy and all I have to do is stick him in the wrap or carrier and he's content again! I wish I could try every baby carrier out there! 

What's your favorite baby carrier? Do you have one you're dying to try? 


  1. Yay! I get so excited when I see other momma's getting into the love of babywearing! I am a wrapping momma, my daughter still loves to be wrapped at 19 months... and I love that I can do it even though I'm over halfway through my pregnancy!

  2. Nice. ^_^

    The second one I ever tried was a Moby Wrap and I've never wanted to do anything other than wraps. My third wrapped baby has been out and walking for longer than he was wrapped... hoping for another baby to wear! ^_^


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