Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Accessorize Your Stash In August Sponsor Spotlight! {Devon's Creative Designs Wool Dry Balls!}

I am so excited for the Accessorize Your Stash in August event to start this Friday, August 24th! Our cloth diaper accessories really don't get enough credit! Most of our accessories are what make it possible to cloth diaper and make cloth diapering easy and fun! 

The first sponsor I am going to tell you about is Devon's Creative Designs! I was given the opportunity to review a set of natural dryer balls from Devon's Creative Designs!  Devon's Creative Designs wool dryer balls are a great alternative to fabric softener and dryer sheets. They are made from 100% wool and cut down on static and drying time by bouncing around in your dryer which allows more air to flow, making your clothes dry faster! 

I have been wanting to dry some wool dryer balls for a while now! I heard they were great for cloth diapers and cut down on drying time for all laundry! I was super excited to give these a try and see if it was true! I received a set of four dryer balls to try, which is the minimum suggested to use. I gave them a try right away, because let's face it, there is always laundry to be done! First thing I noticed is they aren't that loud bouncing around in the dryer! I thought they would be really loud and annoying, but they aren't! I definitely noticed that my clothes were dry in less time than usual, especially my bigger loads like towels and washcloths! My laundry was also just as soft as if I had used fabric softener! 

Then it was time to try them on my cloth diapers! I never use dryer sheets or fabric softener  on my cloth diapers anyway so the true test was whether they dried faster! I have a few AIOs and those take forever to dry! I usually have to dry my covers and inserts and then take those out and dry my AIOs for another 20 minutes to get them completely dry! So I tested the dryer balls out with all my cloth diapers including my AIOs. I was so pleasantly surprised! The AIOs were dry in the same amount of time as all my inserts! So it cut down my drying time by almost a half hour! So now I am saving even more money with cloth diapering because my energy bill is going to go down a bit too!

Devon's Creative Designs wool dryer balls are a great way to save energy, and have soft, static-free clothes without the buildup of softener! They are super great for any laundry, including cloth diaper laundry! They are an awesome accessory to my cloth diapers! 

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One lucky reader will win a Terra Cotta and Mahogany wool dry ball set as part of the Accessorize Your Stash in August prize package!

Event starts Friday, August 24th! 


  1. Oh, so glad you found the dryer ball love!
    We love ours too and they never leave our dryer - I can tell a difference in drying time and love the no build-up too!

  2. I am a huge dryer ball fan...I have 8! I have an old dryer that takes forever to dry clothes, so they really cut down drying time. I love it that I can also inject them with my own essential oils.


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