Thursday, May 10, 2012

SodaStream Review!

I am a soda lover! I will admit it to anyone. I think it all started when I was in college and those long nights and early mornings would get to me. I don't care for coffee too much so I started drinking soda. I don't drink it as much as I used to but I still enjoy it. But unfortunately soda can get expensive and wasteful with cans and bottles, so when I was given the opportunity to review a SodaStream soda maker I was so excited to review something that would save me money, help the environment AND give me the opportunity to drink some soda! 

The SodaStream is a machine that uses regular tap water, and flavoring to make carbonated soda, just the way you like it! There are just three simple ingredients: tap water, carbonation, and the flavor you prefer. The SodaStream is convenient and good for the environment too. Instead of having to buy cans or bottles of soda at the store you can just make your own soda right at home whenever you want! It's great for the environment also because you're not drinking out of cans and bottles and then throwing them away! There are so many great flavors and even if you don't like soda you can buy flavoring for carbonated water!

I really enjoy the SodaStream! It's so easy to make and it's nice to be able to decide how much fizz you want in your soda! We have tried a few flavors and the cola and root beer are my favorites! The cola flavor tastes very similar to Coke! The carbonator lasts for 60 liters so you can make lots of soda with just one carbonator! The best part is soda is not all you can make! The carbonated water is great too! Being able to make soda and other drinks right at home with just some simple tap water is awesome and super fun!

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  1. Have been using mine for about 2 weeks... keep looking for reasons not to like it... Can't find any!!!!


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