Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Mommy Talk Tuesday! {Toddler Learning!}

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a Second Time Mom

Thank you for joining us again this week for Mommy Talk Tuesday! 

This week's topic Toddler Learning! How do you teach your toddler? What kind of things do you teach your toddler? Do you have any fun activities or learning games to share with other moms? 

Noah just turned 3 and he's not in preschool yet, so he learns everything at home or church or wherever we go. So most of his learning is through play and talking to us. I try to talk to Noah about everything. Whether we are in the kitchen making lunch or in the car driving down the road. When we are playing outside we count the number of squirrels we see or when we are riding in the car we name the colors of the cars that pass by. I think toddlers learn a lot just by talking and being talked to. 

We also just play a lot. Kids learn just from playing! Playing helps build their motor skills and builds their imagination! Noah is at the age where he is just starting to pretend and it is so cute! He pretends to have a birthday party or be a firefighter! We pretend to ride a train or fly in an airplane! It's always fun to pretend! 

We also love to read a lot! We read a book before every nap and bed time and also read books throughout the day too! Noah loves to read and has even memorized some of the books we read already! 

We'd love to hear your thoughts on Toddler Learning so please comment below or write up a blog post and link up!  

**This is not just a blog hop! Please do not link up unless you have posted on the specific topic!**

Next week's topic is : Breastfeeding! Do/Did you breastfeed? What was the biggest challenge of breastfeeding or trying to breastfeed? What was/is your favorite part of breastfeeding? Do you think it's ok to nurse in public? 


  1. I just found this learning binder called ABC preschool. It's pretty cool. Ages 2-5. I have a link on my blog.


    Also, I am creating a blog hop directory. Would love for you to add your hop to my list. It's brand new but I will be promoting it so free PR :)

  2. I agree with all that you wrote. Both my kids are big on reading, especially my daughter.


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