Sunday, May 20, 2012

Mom Blog Monday Blog Hop!

Are you a Mommy blogger?
Do you blog about your kids?
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So Easy Being Green
To participate in the Mom Blog Monday Blog Hop, the rules are super simple! All we ask is that you follow the 3 Co-Hosts: The Not-So-Secret Confessions of a First Time MomLuxury Living Frugal Style, and So Easy Being Green… the first three blogs on the linky! Then follow Spot #4 which is the featured blog of the week! After that, follow as many Mommy Blogs on the linky as you want... remember, the more you visit, the more visits you'll receive in return!
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We would LOVE it if you’d grab our button and put it somewhere on your blog or in a blog post! This would help us spread the word. However, you aren’t required to. This week's featured blog is... 

Dogs, Dogtags and Diapers.
Hi everyone! I'm Sarah and it's great to be a part of the Mom Blog Monday Blog Hop! I am a stay at home mom to my 6 month old son, Boston. We are also an Army family. I started blogging originally because I was getting several private messages a day asking me about my sons awesome schedule, and how people could get their babies to nap like Boston! I decided to just start writing blog posts about it to share with whoever wanted to know. I talk about Army life, raising Boston (schedules, breastfeeding, starting solids, cloth diapering), as well as my personal life.


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