Saturday, May 21, 2011

New Hair! You like??

I've been a blonde for a LONG time! I usually just do my own hair by touching up my roots once a month. I haven't actually had my hair done in a salon since 9th grade! (other than getting it cut of course) Well as a Mother's Day gift Brian told me to go get my hair done. I've been talking about doing something to it for a while so he finally convinced me of it and convinced me it was a "gift" so I shouldn't feel guilty about spending the money or anything. (I find it hard to justify spending $50 or more for someone to do my hair when I can do it myself for $4 a month lol). So yesterday I went and had lowlights put in my hair! I LOVE it! I love being a blonde but I think after all these years it was just TOO blonde. This feels more me!!



You like?? :) 


  1. Wow! You look amazing! You make me want to be blonde. :)

  2. I like it alot Michelle! You look GREAT!

  3. Lovin' those layers! I was just thinking the other day how I miss mine and need to add them back into my hair!

  4. I like it a lot! I think the low lights made your eyes pop more, in a great way =) Great cut and color!


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  5. Very cute. You're the same as me. I can't see spending all that money when $4 is so much cheaper but I too recently decided too blonde was out and I'm now ash blonde :)

  6. I think it looks much better. It also makes you look tanner!

  7. YES! I think it looks great - a lot warmer and it makes your hair look really healthy! I'm coming in from voiceBoks, a great community of bloggers, some of whom offer great deals and giveaways that you might be interested in. Stop on in if you get a chance! Following along...


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