Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Coupon Craze

I started couponing about a year ago. I was very new to it and didn't give it a lot of effort. But I had hubby pick up a paper each week and I'd check out the coupons and clip the ones I knew I would use to buy. I still shopped at Walmart most of the time thinking because my husband got a 10% discount to there for being an employee of the Walmart company, that I was was getting better deals. Basically I was clueless.

I then discovered the match up blogs and websites that basically give you the sale items with the coupons that go with them. They tell you exactly which insert the coupon is in and everything! I was amazed! I remember being SO nervous the first time I went into Publix, but feeling so great when I saw how much I saved! The first time I saved more than I spent was like a high for me! It was a total rush of pride that I had beat the store at their own game!

So yes, I totally get the feeling these Extreme Couponers have on that show. I totally understand that awesome feeling when you get a bunch of stuff and pay hardly anything for it! BUT I do not condone the show anymore! I believe it is causing a lot of people to get into couponing and give it a try. Which is totally fine!! BUT I believe it is giving people a bad message that its ok to clear the shelf of 100 items you don't need or that its ok to steal people's papers from their driveway. The other day I was completely in shock at what I saw. After hubby went to two stores to pick up the Sunday paper for me on his way home from work, with no luck because they were sold out, we went to town to get dinner and try to find somewhere that still had the paper. Well after a few more stores that were sold out, hubby checked another gas station. He came back empty handed but then told me that there were a whole stack of papers in there, but every single paper had the coupon inserts STOLEN out of them!!

This is where it becomes too much! I used to could go in and pick up a Sunday paper no problem, with coupon inserts always in them. This show has caused such a craze that people are proceeding to STEAL the coupon inserts! And its not just here! I read online that a man told a friend that he bought one paper and took the inserts from the papers underneath and just didn't buy the papers. THIS IS STEALING people!! I'm fine with more people using coupons and learning how to save money, this is great! But if you do this you should be ashamed of yourself! If your using coupons correctly you'll make the money back you spent on the paper with your savings!

If you are a couponer or just getting into couponing, I really hope you have the decency to pay for your paper or coupons so that the rest of us can save some money too! We're all just trying to make our dollar go further but people acting like this make it very hard!

Ok, rant over! ;)


  1. I totally agree with you. I dont coupon but people stealing the inserts is ridiculous. Every now and then I will cut a coupon that i think I can use but wow some people just don't have any manners or home training!

  2. Oh my goodness, I would be so annoyed! Thankfully my neighbor donates his sunday paper to us so we don't have to buy one. i could never steal a paper from someones driveway, or take the inserts out of the paper machine. come on people--that is why no one can trust anyone anymore, because you are dishonest!

  3. If you're so obsessed that you have to buy 100 bottles of mustard (that's what 10 years worth of mustard?) then stealing the inserts out of the coupons isn't too far of a stretch.

  4. We started buying papers and found out that our local paper has a deal just for coupon shoppers. We get 5 Sunday papers and 1 daily paper delivered for just $17 a month. That is a savings over just buying them from the local store (they charge $1.50 a Sunday paper). Check at your local paper and see if they have a deal going.

  5. OMG I had no idea people were doing this. That is crazy. I coupon to save money not to stock pile, I just don't have the room for all that. And I hate when I have one of tow coupons for something and I find a empty spot where the idem used to be.

  6. That is crazy!! I am a big couponer as well, and will stock up on items at when I have a can't pass up coupon...but nothing to the extreme as on the show...basically a couple bottles extra of things like shampoos/conditioners, detergents, etc. I will get coupons free from other people via freecycle etc, and pass along what I can't use as well...I've noticed since the show began, there have been more using/wanting coupons and I'm often finding the products I'm searching for cleared from the shelf...very frustrating for sure!!

  7. I coupon very lightly. I just like to make my list and then see if I have a coupon for any of my items. I have had lots of problems lately with people stealing the coupons from the Sunday paper! That is just nuts! I use like 5 coupons a week. I don't mind giving the others away! Ask me, JUST DON'T STEAL THEM!

  8. I have recently considered couponing to try and keep my family's grocery budget under $100 per week. I keep forgetting to try to pick up a paper on Sundays, but the first time I remember, I will be super pissed if I go to pick up a paper and I can't find one. I agree with you, I think the show is ruining couponing for everyone and it glorifies hoarding and greed. I've considered writing TLC a letter to express my concern over the show and get some stuff off my chest.

  9. While I think grocery type items are over priced and that people should find ways to get deals on them so they can afford items that they NEED, the people on the show go to extreme excess. In addition to stealing coupons and the ridiculousness of hoarding, if you incorrectly use coupons, you're stealing from the store you're using them at. Some people would say, so what? It's a corporation, they have billions! But sometimes? The difference in cost for those mistakes comes out of the cashier's pay check, or effects the bonuses employees receive, and often depend on, to make ends meet for their own families.

    Stop being a sloth, swallow your pride, get over the envy of what others have. Your lust, gluttony, and greed do not make you attractive to others.

    *End Rant*


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