Sunday, May 1, 2011

My Little Toddler and Purex Giveaway Winners!

Here's the list of winners for the My Little Toddler Event and the Purex Complete with Zout giveaway winners! Congrats to all! I'm going to be emailing the winners tonight and tomorrow. It may take a bit because I have a lot to email but each winner will get 48 hours from the time they are emailed to respond!

Little Green Books-
#42(Amy W.)
#51(WeeMasons Mom)
Boogie Wipes-
#18 ( JLJMommy)
The Willow Store-
#125 (erin.nicole)
Bobbles and Peanuts
#10 ( Big Momma)
#14 ( Heather R)
Stella & Dot
#4 (Shonda)
#11 (Lizzy)
Little Looster
#34 (Mrs.Freddy)
Happy Baby Organics
#38 (Amanda tvpg at aol dot com)
Purex Complete with Zout
#38 (Emillie Rose)
#8 (Amy W.)


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