Sunday, April 10, 2011

Simple Green All-Purpose Cleaner Product Review!

As warmer weather is finally upon us I have started some spring cleaning. One thing I dread about cleaning my whole house is having to use multiple products that are strong and full of so many potentially harmful chemicals. When I was given the opportunity to try Simple Green All-Purpose Cleaner, I was very excited because Simple Green is Non-Toxic, concentrated, and biodegradable! I was excited to see if it worked as good as it sounded!

About Simple Green

So besides being non-toxic, concentrated, and biodegradable Simple Green All-Purpose Cleaner can also be used on any water safe surface!! I'm talking your kitchen counters, your walls, your carpet, and even outside on your patio furniture, car, or tools! The Simple Green All-Purpose Cleaner is concentrated so you can dilute it according to your various needs. So it saves you money because a little goes a really long way! Check this out...I diluted, according to the directions I got, for light cleaning such as for use on my kitchen or carpet, and only used 1oz of Simple Green All-Purpose Cleaner to 4 Cups Water!

This is a very small amount of Simple Green but its still works awesome! My full bottle is going to last me forever!

Simple Green All-Purpose Cleaner is also a safer alternative to other cleaners. A lot of other cleaners have such harsh, toxic chemicals that I am afraid to use around Noah and don't even like using them myself. Simple Green is non-toxic and doesn't even have a strong smell. So I don't have to worry about cleaning around Noah.

My Review

All the awesome perks of this product really sold me right away! I think its awesome that its non-toxic and concentrated! I'm all for saving money and this is a great way to save money! It really will last a very long time! When I first tried it I used it in my kitchen. The scent is very fresh but not to strong and doesn't burn my nose hairs as soon as I spray it. So I don't feel bad spraying my counters with it. After that, I went to work on the kitchen walls. They were gross to be honest. Fingerprints and just yucky Noah trails. Simple Green All-Purpose Cleaner got all that stuck on junk right off!

I am so amazed at how many things you can use Simple Green All-Purpose Cleaner for! You can even use it in your laundry!! How cool is that?! It can be used indoors and outdoors on just about any surface, as long as it is water safe!  This stuff is great! I am very happy to say I will be using this for all my spring cleaning!

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  1. We LOVE Simple Green. Love Love LOVE. I'm glad you loved it, too!!


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