Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Monkey Doodlez Tuck and Go Diapering System Review + Discount Code!!

I learned about Monkey Doodlez cloth diapers pretty early in my cloth diapering journey. I thought they were super cute and colorful! Monkey Doodlez has a number of different products that includes cloth diapers, swim diapers, pail liners and wetbags, and they are even a Canadian retailer of Rockin' Green Cloth Diaper Detergent! They also have a number of retailers here in the United States that carry their diapers and products!

I was given the opportunity to try the Monkey Doodlez Tuck and Go diapering system! This is an awesome diapering system! It is kinda like a mix between an AI2 or prefolds and covers! But much easier than both in my opinion! Here's how it works:

First you have your Tuck and Go cover. It is designed so the pad will fit snuggly inside of it without having to touch anything once its soiled! The front and back, as well as around the legs are covered with microfleece so its super comfy for your baby. The Tuck and Go cover is made so it can be used with the TAG pad, prefolds,  or even over a fitted diaper!!
Then you have your Tuck and Go pad which fits snuggly into the TAG cover! It just tucks right in and you put the diaper on your baby! No stuffing or snaps! It's a very simple system! With the pad in the cover so snug mess rarely gets on the cover so you can use it over and over again and just simply replace the pad inside! 

I REALLY like the Tuck and Go system. I think I've said it before but I'm not typically a AI2 type of girl. I am a pockets girl and love the simplicity of pockets. BUT the Tuck and Go is not really an AI2. It stays together like a pocket but because it is two party I can save money by using the cover more than once! The elastic and velcro on this diaper is sturdy and strong so I was able to get a great fit on Noah! I am definitely considering purchasing some more of these in smaller sizes for our new addition! The small size starts at 6lbs and the large size goes up to 45lbs! This diaper makes cloth diapering affordable and easy! I love it! 

Buy It!
Visit Monkey Doodlez to make a purchase!
Monkey Doodlez is offering my followers an awesome discount! For the next ten days(May 6) use code SECRET15 and get 15% off any Tuck And Go covers and inserts! 

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