Friday, April 8, 2011


I must already have preggo brain because I forgot to post a recipe for Fun With Food Friday today! And now at 5:30pm I remember! Geez!


I have to admit..I haven't cooked in two weeks. Morning sickness and handling raw meat or anything raw or squishy or smelly for that matter, do not go well. We've been eating out LOTS and lots of frozen meals. So I don't really have a recipe I've actually reviewed anyways. BOO! So sorry ya'll! Maybe in a few weeks I can actually attempt to cook again. But until then you'll probably be getting recipes from my little 3 ring binder full of recipes we eat all the time! Hope thats ok! :(

To actually get an awesome recipe, please check out Mama Chocolate! She posted an awesome chicken noodle soup recipe that I definitely want to try when I can cook again!!


  1. Oh, so sorry you're so sick. I can't handle raw meat when I'm pregnant either. The smell is too much!

  2. I stop cooking for about 3 months when I'm pregnant. Hope the morning sickness doesn't last too long.

  3. I have a very hard time with raw meat when I'm pregnant too. I always feel like it's not done even when it's all but burned!


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