Saturday, November 27, 2010

MFC Sponsor Spotlight- Miss Lily's Washing Powder & Product Review

I am so excited to have Miss Lily's Washing Powder as a Merry Fluffy Christmas sponsor!! Jill is so nice and makes some really awesome washing powder!

About Miss Lily's Washing Powder

Here's a bit about Jill and how Miss Lily's Washing Powder came to be!

"I am a WAHM of four beautiful kids and a cloth diapering mama. My youngest, Lilyana (aka Miss Lily) is who this detergent is named after. I started making laundry detergent after being disappointed with the other "green" detergents out there, and after reading about the cancer-causing agents found in popular detergents. My goal is to provide you with clean and fresh-smelling laundry without the chemicals found in the other detergents. My washing powder really works! "

Miss Lily's Washing Powder is natural soap free, enzyme free detergent. One bag can do up to 96 loads! The washing powder also comes in tons of awesome scents like Black Rasberry Vanilla, Island Fresh, and Lemon Sugar!

My Review

I was super excited to try some of Miss Lilly's Washing Powder. I have always used Rockin' Green on my cloth diapers and while I love it, I was very interested in trying something new. The washing powder came at the perfect time. I was dealing with some ammonia stinkies and it was getting frustrating. The washing powder came with step by step directions on how much to use, what to use it with, and even tips on removing stains and stink!! I followed the directions and washed my diapers! To my pleasant suprise my stinkies were gone! I was a bit skeptic though because I'd only used it one time. So I decided to keep using it. I've been using it for the past month now and have had absolutely no stinky or buildup issues the whole time! I am very VERY pleased with this washing powder. It leaves no residue or buildup and Noah hasn't had any reaction to it whatsoever! I am a BIG fan of Miss Lily's Washing Powder and just ordered my first full bag yesterday!! :)

Buy It!
Visit Miss Lily's Washing Powder on Etsy to purchase today!

Win It!
Miss Lily's is donating one (1) bag of washing powder for the Merry Fluffy Christmas Event!

Be sure to check out Miss Lily's Washing Powder on Facebook to get a head start on extra entries!

Thank you Miss Lily's Washing Powder for sponsoring A Merry Fluffy Christmas!!

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