Tuesday, November 16, 2010

30 Days of Thankful- Saving Grace

Today I am thankful for God's saving grace! I was thinking about this yesterday. I am very blessed to have His forgiveness because I have messed up big time and many a time!

I grew up as a preachers kid so obviously I grew up in church. I became a christian at 4 years old and my daddy led me to the Lord in our living room. I remember kneeling down at our big recliner and praying that special prayer. As I've talked about before on here, I was a rebellious teenager. I was horrible. If my parents told me to do one thing I'd do the opposite. I made it very tough for them to keep a tight hold on me. Then once I graduated I got even more out of control. I began partying and drinking. I remember I would get so wasted some nights that I didn't remember what happened or I'd wake up at home and not know how I got there. I remember amongst my group of friends the one who was the "most sober" would drive home. None of us were ever sober. I drank underage. I drove drunk. I even experimented with a few drugs. I was out of control and I knew it. But thanks to my Lord's amazing grace, he pulled me back in, forgave me for my horrible mistakes, and rescued me. Now I have a happy fulfilling life instead of dead or in jail like I could have been if I would have kept up with that junk. For that I am more thankful than words can express.

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