Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Ten Months Old!!

My precious baby boy is 10 months old today! I am seriously in shock that he's only 2 months away from his first birthday! Time flies when you're having fun! 

At ten months Isaac is: 

  • sleeping 11-12 hrs straight at night and napping twice a day (1-2 hrs each) 
  • still breastfeeding a lot! ( that's another blog post soon to come!)
  • eating solid finger foods 3 times a day
  • crawling 
  • pulling up and cruising
  • starting to stand independently! 
I'm not sure of his weight exactly but the last time I weighed him on our home scale he was about 21 pounds! He's such a cutie and a happy, snuggly boy! We love him so much! 


  1. The time flies by so fast. I miss that age terribly!

  2. I just got an email from Gerber informing me that my little guy is 10 months 4 weeks. I seriously wanted to cry. Sigh. they grow to quickly, especially when you really don't want the to.

  3. I needed your post today, I am struggling with a 2 month old that is up a lot at night, I know there is an end to this stage, but it cannot come soon enough! I am exhausted and would love a straight 8 hours of sleep!! Your babies are so cute!


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