Saturday, September 15, 2012

Night Time Diapering- Fitted with Wool Cover!

So we finally got around to using the fitted with wool the other night! After learning how to wash and lanolize the wool and letting it lay flat to dry I was finally able to give it a try! For the fitted I used a Bububebe Fitted Diaper that I purchased used off a diaper swap. 

My first thought was that the diaper with the wool over it was really bulky! I had to ask a friend what kind of pajamas would work with these. I wasn't sure anything would fit over the wool! But actually footed sleepers fit really well over it so it wasn't really a big deal. I was a bit worried about whether or not he was comfortable but it didn't seem to bother him. 

So he went to bed and woke up once that night. I was sorta worried it was the wool but it turns out his teeth were just bothering him (he's got 4 coming in at the same time!). So he went about 12 hours in the fitted and wool. When he woke up that morning we had HORRIBLE ammonia smell going on!! 

Isaac in his wool cover!
Even though we had the horrible ammonia smell we didn't have any leaks. His skin was dry and the outside was dry. The diaper was soaked but everywhere else was dry, which was awesome! I think the ammonia was from an issue with the diaper and it's previous owner. So I soaked it and stripped it and we'll give it another try in the next few days. 

Overall, I'm not in love with how bulky the wool was but I do like how well it kept everything in. I still think I prefer my BumGenius Freetimes at night but I'm going to give the wool at least one more try. 

Next night time experiment will be a fitted with a PUL cover! :)


  1. I love hearing about your night time experiment, can't wait to see what works best. We are still using disposables right now and I am excited to try again at night sometime soon.

  2. We used Fitteds with Blueberry PUL covers

  3. It sucks that someone would sell you a diaper with an ammonia problem. Hope you're able to get it taken care of.

    I love wool. My LO looks so cute in her soakers. She doesn't were pajamas over them right not b/c its still hot here. Will probably get a sleep sack for winter.

    If Freetimes work for you at night you could put wool over it for extra protection. Or maybe a fleece cover would work just as well.

  4. Night time cloth diapering is such a challenge. We use hemp inserts along with our Bum definitely helps, but inevitably by the time he wakes up (which at this point is 13+ hours the diaper) it's starting to leak out the edges. I'll have to look into the wool soakers. P.S. Adorable baby!


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