Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Five Great Reasons to Wear Your Baby

Disclaimer: I'm not a professional. These are just great reasons I myself wear my baby and wanted to share with you! 

It's International Babywearing Week so I thought I'd do a little post on one of my favorite things ever- babywearing! I just love wearing my little guy, and although he's a little older and sometimes would rather walk than be worn, we still babywear quite often. So if you're a new parent or a not so new parent interested in babywearing, I wanted to share with you some reasons I love babywearing! 

1. Fussy baby no more! Both of my boys did not like the swing or bouncer when they were infants. They would sit in them for five minutes or so and then start fussing. They rarely napped in the swing like a lot of babies do. So doing anything with a fussy baby who wouldn't swing was pretty impossible. That's when babywearing became my lifesaver! All I had to do was strap baby to me and he would quit being fussy. He was close to me and that made him happy. Now I could do the things I needed to without having to go back and forth trying to calm a fussy baby! 

2. Hands Free! This one is a big one for any parent! Sometimes babies just want to be held. Or sometimes when traveling you really don't have the extra arms to carry baby and all your luggage! Or sometimes you have another little one who needs your help and carrying a baby makes that quite difficult! Babywearing is great because you have baby right there with you but you have free hands to do what you need to! 

3. Nap Time on the Go! A lot of the time wearing Isaac will lull him right to sleep. I guess just being close to me and feeling my warmth just calms and relaxes him and he falls asleep. So when we are out and about during nap time I always wear him so he'll still get in that very important nap! 

4. Lots of Snuggles!  I don't know any parent who doesn't love snuggles from their little one! With babywearing you get special snuggles anytime you wear your baby! Whether they are a newborn, infant, or toddler those snuggles are precious and special! 

5. You can pretty much do anything with a baby on your back!  Ok, not anything, but you can really do a lot when wearing your baby! Hiking, shopping, cleaning, even swimming! Yes, they have water slings that work great for wearing your baby in the pool! Babywearing makes it possible to do things with your baby that you normally wouldn't be able to! It's convenient, easy, and fun! 

Do you wear your baby? What are some reasons you enjoy babywearing? Happy International Babywearing Week! 


  1. I love wearing my baby when trying to get stuff done. Some days, it is the only way I can get ANYTHING done!

  2. oh I love this post and the term 'baby wearing'. The only thing I can think of is the cuddling and snuggling I like to do with them in bed. I have back aches so I avoided backpacking them on me.. :) But i see your point here. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I must have tried 6-7 wraps and slings, my son never liked them... he wanted to be carried in our arms. it was exhausting

  4. I love the idea of babywearing (my baby will be arriving soon so I haven't gotten to try it myself yet). I've noticed that many babies seem so much more content when snuggled close than when left to lie alone in a stroller/swing/bouncer. It seems so natural for baby AND makes it easier to get things done!

  5. I LOVE wearing my LO! I wish I knew more about it 4 years ago with my oldest, even though that didnt really change anything, he still loves to cuddle! But being able to babywear as a 2nd time mom has truly been a life saver, for ALL of the reasons you listed in this post! :)


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