Friday, September 27, 2013

YOU are a Strong Mom!

Being a mom is one of the hardest things I've ever done. When you become a mom your whole life goes from doing things you want to do, when you want to do them, to doing everything when and how this tiny little person wants them done. Nothing is about you anymore. You invest everything into that little baby and your world is turned upside down. 

So what makes a strong mom? Are you not a strong mom if your baby slept through the night the first week? Or breastfed like a champ with no difficulties? Are you not a strong mom because your child doesn't have any special needs? The answer to that is a big fat NO. We are all strong moms in our own way and for our own reasons. Being a mom is not always easy rainbows and bunny rabbits. Yes, it is the most rewarding job, but also one of the hardest. We all have hurdles to overcome and children who want to test their boundaries, and things that bring us down and tell us that we aren't good enough. This is why we have to stick together and not be the enemy of our own kind. 

Too often I see other mothers judging and bringing down moms more than any other person out there. We are the ones who have to stick together, not bring each other down! Just because you don't do things exactly like someone else doesn't mean that you're not in this together with them! We are all just trying to raise our kids the best we know how and still make it out alive. We are all strong moms for different reasons and with different opinions and ideas and ways of doing things. We have to stick together. 

I am a strong mom because I pumped breast milk for my firstborn for the first 4 months of his life and knew when to give up and make the switch to formula because I was unhappy and exhausted. I am a strong mom because I made it through sleepless nights with both a toddler and a newborn up and down through out the night every night for months. I am a strong mom because I sent my little guy off to preschool this year with only a few tears. I am a strong mom because my four year old likes to test his boundaries every single day and has the attitude of a teenager, but I still manage to keep my patience (while locking myself in the bathroom for a few minutes at a time to cool down of course)  and just try to direct him in the right ways. 

We are all strong moms who have to jump through all kinds of different hurdles and overcome all sorts of battles in this crazy world we call life. Every mother out there is a strong mom in her own way. Whether you have a special needs child who needs lots of extra care or attention, or your just a first time mom trying to figure this parenting thing all out. Let's stick together and bring each other up in encouragement. Let's not judge each other for things we do differently but accept each other and look forward at the main goal that we are all trying to reach. 

Are you a strong mom? Do you have a story to share? Email me by clicking the Contact Me link at the top of my blog to be a guest blogger in the Strong Mom Series! 


  1. I like this series - what a wonderful idea! Shoot, sometimes I'm a strong mom just for making it through the day... ;)

  2. I think of myself as a strong mom every morning when I try to get the kids off to school. Sometimes it's a battlefield.

  3. This post makes me feel good about myself. I pumped breast milk for both my kids and gave up finally at 3 months. Its was hard and difficult for me and my kids, so I knew when to make that switch.. Good to know that I am not alone...


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