Friday, July 12, 2013

Four Signs Your Toddler May Be Ready for Potty Training!

My little guy will be 20 months old this month and has started to show some interest in what his big 4 year old brother does when he goes in to the bathroom. So I started thinking about when his older brother potty trained and what signs he showed to let us know he was ready. Just because Isaac is curious about the potty, does that mean he's ready to learn how to use it? How do I know if he's ready?  These are some questions a lot of parents wonder about when their baby becomes a toddler. So I thought I'd share a few signs I remember my oldest showing when he was ready to learn to use the potty!

Dry Diapers after Longer Periods of Time- One thing I noticed as Noah got older was that his diapers would be dry after a long nap or two to three hours in the same diaper. This meant his bladder could hold more and he may even be holding it somewhat. 

Showing Interest- Just like Isaac is now, Noah started to show interest when I would use the bathroom and would even ask questions about it. He wanted to watch, as strange as it was, and was very curious as to why I used the toilet and he was still going in his diapers!

Hiding- Noah would do this and other moms have told me their toddlers would do the same thing. Noah would hide anytime he was going poopy in his diaper. He didn't want anyone to know he was going poopy in his diaper! It was almost something embarrassing for him. If a toddler can be embarrassed I suppose pooping in your diaper while everyone else goes in the toilet will do it. 

Asking to be changed as soon as they soil their diaper- After Noah would go hide and soil his diaper he wanted to be changed right away. In earlier months he could sit in a dirty diaper and give me no signs that he was even dirty! I'd have to check him constantly! When he started to be ready to potty train he would come tell me he was dirty and want to be changed! 

Has your toddler shown any of these signs yet? If you have an older child are there any other signs that showed you your child is ready to potty train? 


  1. My 2 year old (25 months) is just starting potty training this week. We started because she is getting more and more verbal and can verbalize the need to go now. So far so good! She's really getting great knowing she has to poop and we are about 50/50 on peeing. I'm hoping the next few weeks brings lots of success :)

  2. My friend has a three year old boy who shows all the signs, but he will not use the potty. He's interested in it and will watch his parents, but he just won't sit on the toilet.

  3. My three year old's sigh is that he takes off the diaper after he goes. However, he still won't tell us when he has to go and screams when we put him on the potty. it can be frustrating since he is three and his little sister shows more interest than he does.


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