Monday, June 17, 2013

Practicing Attached Parenting in a Different Part of the World! {Guest Post by Amanda of}

Guest post from Amanda from - Earlier this year, she took the jump and made a family move to her husband’s country, India.

Any second time mom will tell you that no matter how relaxed you were the first time around, the second time around, it is even more relaxed.

But what they don’t tell you is that the second time around relaxation can also cause issues!

We practiced the “8 Bs” of attachment parenting pretty much with both kids at the beginning. I didn’t rush to the doctor with every sniffle, and other than scorpion stings, we haven’t ventured out to the emergency room either.

But now with a move to India, I’m finding that those dare devil things that I allowed, I’m now paranoid about. I don’t know if I can trust the closest doctors, there’s really no “ambulance” system here and I can’t drive! So, what, do I just go out and flag down an auto rickshaw to go to a hospital and hope the driver understands what I’m saying?

We’ve been in India for almost 3 months now and while we’re adjusted, we still don’t have any of our belongings due to delay in shipping, then a 30 day customs hold in the US, and then some extra slow cargo ships. But, in the end, we’re getting along.

We’re doing without the extras (and some of what we’d call basics), but we’re also seeing that this second kid thing, while mostly a joy, can also mean that kid #1 becomes the hype person of kid #2 to do things that mama may not find the most safe. I didn’t realize how much of an issue this would be until we moved to India.

So now I wonder... what was I thinking moving here? We’re in the midst of culture shock time and also just general boredom of the “same” (we don’t have a television, any beds, or even a couch or table!) and so we’re trying to find that new groove. 

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