Tuesday, June 18, 2013

GroVia All-in-One Cloth Diaper and Magic Stick Review!

Disclosure: I was sent these products free of charge in exchange for a written review. I was not compensated in any other way. The opinions expressed in this review are my own.

In my almost four years of cloth diapering two babies I have tried a lot of cloth diapers. One I have just recently had the opportunity to try is a GroVia All-in-One cloth diaper as well as a GroVia Magic Stick

GroVia was created by a woman named Kim who has a passion for making healthy and green products available to every family! The GroVia company strives to "change the world one baby at a time" by offering quality, sustainable, and easy cloth diapering products. 

The GroVia One-Size AIO fits baby's approximately 10 to 35 pounds and is adjustable with two rows of of rise snaps. The inner material is 100% certified organic cotton and the outer  is a thermal-laminated waterproof material. Everything is connected except for a extra snap in soaker that you can take out if not needed. 

I am really liking the GroVia AIO. I've been using it on Isaac for about 3 weeks now and have really enjoyed trying it out. I had heard from other moms that they had a hard time with the fit on their chubby or bigger babies. I can see how this can be so because it does have a narrower crotch than most other cloth diapers I've tried, but Isaac is about 23.5 pounds and it fits him really well on the largest setting. I'm not sure how it will fit when he's 30+ pounds but I think a lot of the fit depends on the size of baby's thighs and belly which is why so many parents get different fits on their babies with these diapers.  
There's a few things about this diaper that I really love. One thing I love is how trim it is! It is one of the trimmest diapers I have ever tried, especially the all-in-ones I've tried! It's the perfect diaper for wearing under pants or other clothing without causing a big fluffy tush! Another thing I love about it is that being an all-in-one the whole diaper is connected but I can still add more absorbency if I need to with the extra snap-in soaker! So it's great for nap time or even bed time because I just snap the soaker in and I have extra absorbency! This diaper is great for the diaper bag or for when I leave Isaac with a sitter because it is so easy to use! There's no pockets to stuff or pins to use or folding to do! It pretty much goes on exactly like a disposable would! 

The Gro-Via Magic Stick is an all natural diaper rash cream that is safe to use with cloth diapers! Instead of getting your hands all greasy and messy while you try to change your baby you can just rub this magic stick on your baby's bottom and everything is good to go! But does it actually work? I've been using the Magic Stick on Isaac anytime he gets red for the past few weeks now and it really does work! Anytime I put it on him by the next diaper change the redness is gone! I really like how well it works and I love that I don't have to get my hands messy! 

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  1. I love my grovia AIO. It's the trimmest AIO I've ever seen and it's sooo absorbant!

  2. I'm just starting off with cloth diapering and I may try this brand! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Sounds like an awesome product! I don't use cloth diapers.. but I am amazed at the variety of cloth diapers that are available for use :) Thanks for sharing :)


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