Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Bedwetters and Cloth, No Need to Stop {Guest Post by Cat of Thinking Outside the Sandbox}

Seven years ago I was blessed with an amazing baby who has turned into an even more amazing boy. This boy has had his challenges and keeps us on our toes! My oldest son was adopted, and has special needs.

How I became a mother and my son’s diagnosis of autism are posts unto themselves . One thing that we have encountered in raising this special boy, is not something that only special needs parents have to deal with, bed wetting.

Up until having a child of my own I never understood that this was an issue for many families. Or that it typically sticks around until the first phases of puberty! Now if you have a preschooler who is still working on staying dry, don’t stress, that does not necessarily mean you will have a long term issue.

Knowing that this would be a long term issue for my son, at around 3.5 years old I started researching larger cloth training pants. My son has always been very slender, so there was no problem keeping him in one size diapers for a while, but we got to the point that they just didn’t cut it.

I knew two things. 1. I didn’t want him to feel bad for this genetic medical challenge by being in ‘diapers’ like his baby brother and 2.I wasn’t going to spend hundreds of dollars using disposables for the next 4-6 YEARS.

I research different brands and materials. This was my list:
·         They must be entirely waterproof
·         We like natural fabrics next to the skin
·         They could pull up, with no snaps
·         Thin was important, to fit subtly under PJs
·         I hate stuffing diapers
·         I want my son to be able to be independent with using them

So, 4 years ago I bought 4 pairs of training pants. It cost me around $80. I would have used 1460 pairs of disposable training pants by now, costing about $560.
The training pants I chose and love were from Snap-Ez . These met all my ‘must haves’ and I encourage you to check them out! A truly grassroots small business, Snap-Ez’s quality is second to none. (this is not a compensated endorsement, just my unsolicited feelings).

I would love to hear about companies you have found that make special needs or eco friendly products, please share below.

~Cat. Mother of 4 boys and co-owner of Thinking Outside The Sandbox – a FREE resource for business and blogging moms, owner of Bundlesand Buzz and FlipSize Canada. Cat has been a cloth diaper advocate for 7 years and 4 kids.

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