Sunday, October 7, 2012

Babywearing- Finding The Right Carrier For You and Your Baby!

Since International Babywearing Week starts tomorrow (October 8th-14th) I wanted to write yet another blog post on babywearing. I thought back to when I first started babywearing. I had no idea what the different type of carriers were and how they worked. So if you are interested in getting started with babywearing or want to learn about other carriers here is a list of the different types of carriers and their functions!

Woven Wrap
Wrap- Wraps are basically a long strip of fabric that you wrap around you and your baby to carry them. There are two types of wraps. A stretchy wrap and a woven wrap. A stretchy wrap can hold up to 35lbs in most cases, but it is usually not recommended to wear baby on your back in a stretchy wrap. A woven wrap doesn't stretch so you have to support baby by holding them while you wrap them up but they can be used for front, back, or hip carries. 

Ring Sling
There are so many different ways to carry your baby with a wrap. Some methods are super easy and some take a little more practice. With a wrap you can carry your baby in ways that are most comfortable for you and your baby with very little difficulty. Woven wraps come in different lengths and types of fabric, but the length and type of fabric you choose is up to you.

Ring Sling- A ring sling is basically a wrap with rings attached to it and instead of tying and knotting you use the rings to fasten the sling. While a ring sling can carry newborns up to toddlers, but in my opinion it is ideal for newborns and small babies. The ring sling was the main carrier I used when Isaac was a newborn. It was so simple to use and kept him super close to me at all times. There is no tying or wrapping with a ring sling so it makes for a perfect beginners carrier. 
My friend Katy using a Mei Tai.

Mei Tai- I haven't tried a Mei Tai yet but in my own words they are basically a cross between a soft structured carrier and a wrap. I'm not sure that is the best description for them but basically you have the structure and stability of a SSC but you wrap the straps around you like a wrap. I really want to try one of these. A lot of my friends have one and they love it! You can adjust easier by being able to wrap the straps around you and baby. Mei Tai's can also carry newborns up to toddler( around 40lbs). 

Soft Structured Carrier
Soft Structured Carrier- I would say soft-structured carriers are the most daddy and beginner friendly. They have thick padded straps and secure with buckles rather than by tying and knotting. They can be used for front carries  and back carries. Most will fit adults of any size or height. 

These are the main types of carriers you have to choose from when choosing a carrier. If it's possible visit a local store that sells a few different kinds and give them a try to get a feel for them! Or if you have a friend that has any of these ask them if you can try it on! All of these carriers are great for different types of parents, babies, and situations! Finding the right one for you and your baby is simply a matter of personal preference and style! 

Have you tried any of these kinds of carriers? Which do you like the best? If you haven't, which would you like to try the most? 


  1. Love this guide to baby wearing. I especially love all the pictures of the carriers. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I have the Moby Wrap and my Olives & Applesauce SSC that I adore! You're right about the SSC very easy to use and perfect when you're in a bind and need a quick no thinking solution!

  3. I've tried pretty much all of the carriers in your post (and then some). I wasn't really a fan of wraps or mei teis...not because they're not good (I think they're great actually), but because I have an impatient/squirmy/temperamental baby. I needed something easy to put on and take off. I found the ring sling best for indoors and my SCC best for walks/hiking. Benefits to both are the ease of putting on/taking off. I'd like to give a wrap another try just because of all of the different wearing options.

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