Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Why I Love My Wrap!

I love babywearing but wraps completely intimidated me! I thought there was no way that I could wrap my baby up around me without dropping him or him falling out of the wrap. But then I started to look into something a little cooler for these HOT summer months in Georgia and I kept going back to look at the wraps. A lot of my friends recommended the Wrapsody Bali Breeze wrap to me because it is made of a gauze material making it one of the cooler wraps. So after seeing the very reasonable price I decided to give a wrap a try!!

I was in love with the wrap when it came! It was gorgeous! But would I LOVE using it? Would I be able to figure out how to wrap Isaac? I was so scared of dropping him! 

So I hit up  You Tube with tutorials for wrapping. A front wrap was pretty easy but Isaac is 20lbs and I prefer him on my back, so now it was time to try back wraps. I looked into different types of back wraps and started to try a few. It took me about three days to actually get him wrapped! Every time I would try he would start wiggling and fussing and I would get scared he'd fall and give up. But I finally got it and from then on it was love! 

But this post is called "Why I Love My Wrap" not how I started wrapping so here's my list of why I love it! 

  1. Comfortable! Since with a wrap you can adjust it how you like, I find it so comfortable! I can put Isaac as high up as I want to on my back and in the exact spot that I want so that I'm comfortable the entire time I'm wearing him! 
  2. It really is cooler! I love my soft structured carriers, don't get me wrong! But unfortunately, they can be HOT! Anything is hot in these humid Georgia summers! This wrap is actually a bit cooler! It's more breathable and not as heavy so neither Isaac and I get as hot in it! 
  3. It's really not as hard as it looks! Once I got brave enough to try some different wraps I realized that it's not nearly as hard as it looks! There are some variations that are super simple! Like simple as in making a seat for baby and then wrapping around you and tying in a knot! Now there are a few that are a bit more difficult and take some practice but practice makes perfect! I am getting better and better at the difficult carries the more I try them! 
  4. I love having my baby close to me! It's so nice to have Isaac snuggled up to me but still be hands free to do what I need to. Babywearing is not only convenient but it is special and fun! It keeps you and your baby close and secure! I absolutely love it! 
Here's some Instagram photos of Isaac and I with my wrap! 

Do you own a wrap or have you ever tried one? Love it or hate it?


  1. So adorable. I wish they had wraps when my kids were little. Well, they had them but they weren't in the mainstream. In a few years I can try them with grandchildren though. So adorable and cozy.

  2. I LOVED wrapping my daughter when she was small enough for it! It was indeed a lifesaver!

  3. I love wraps! It's such a great way to keep baby close and you can still do things!

  4. Wraps sure do bring great help specially when you are an all-around-mom. You can do whatever you like with of course your baby on your back. I've been trying to do this myself and I'm so glad I finally made it! :D

  5. I have a sling, but not a wrap...I always feared that I would tie it up wrong or something! :-)

  6. I loved carrying Moreaya in a wrap when she was little, but I just ASSUMED a SSC would be easier - I may just have to pull our wrap back out one day! :)


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