Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I'm Not Perfect {Pour Your Heart Out}

I get a lot of comments from friends and family about how I'm such a great mom and how I do so well with my kids and how I am so dedicated to them. While I am very dedicated to my children, they are my whole world, I have my bad days and I mess up. I have terrible mommy guilt all the time. But what mother doesn't right?

I have days when I am so exhausted  I am grouchy and cranky and have yelled at Noah and been angry with my husband because he got to sleep and just an all around you-know-what. I go to bed many nights wishing I had spent more time with Noah or wishing I had played with the boys more or took the time to kiss my husband longer or ask him about his day. Instead I complained about spit up and no sleep and whiny toddlers to him. The mommy guilt is always there.

But I have come to a realization. The mommy guilt will always be there.But as long as I am doing my very best at loving my family and keeping them healthy and happy and safe then I am doing ok. I'm not perfect, nobody is. But my kids are well loved and they are well taken care of. As long as I am giving them my all and giving them my whole heart then I have nothing to feel guilty about. So each and every night I have to cut myself a break and remember that tomorrow is a new day. A new opportunity to love my kids and my husband even more.


  1. you are so not alone here babe...
    there are nights that I pray to God to help me be a better mother...because I too can turn into a grumpy yelling no fun to be around mommy...and no one wins then...

  2. You are definitely not alone. I do the same thing a lot. When I go to sleep and she snuggles up with me I look at her and even though she is sleeping tell her I'm sorry I'm not a better mommy and tomorrow I will work harder to give her more attention or whatever my guilt is over at the time. I pray each time for help to have a better attitude so I don't get frustrated with her.

    I get mad at John too, he gets to sleep whenever he wants. He only offers to let me sleep if I take a nap, which doesn't work because I hear her and can't sleep, so then I'm crabby with him, which makes me crabby with her and grrrr.

  3. None of us is a perfect mom. I've stopped even trying. I'll do the best I can, but I also know I'm going to screw up!

  4. None of us is a perfect mom, but I think it's wonderful that people compliment you on your mothering! Obviously, you are doing something right!


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