Friday, March 30, 2012

Cloth Diapers {My Washing Routine}

I get asked quite a bit what my wash routine is for my cloth diapers. So I decided I would share with ya'll also and you can also share with me what your wash routine is like! 

I usually wash every other night. With two kiddos now sometimes I forget but I never let it go past the third morning because then the diapers start to stain and stink.

I have a top loader washing machine. I wash all my diapers together. They are all pockets so I just pull the inserts out and throw it all in. (Don't worry I wash my hands after) I do a cold rinse first to rinse off any extra poop there might be on the diapers. 

Then I do a hot wash with Rockin' Green soap... and I mean hot! There's a switch behind my washing machine so I can turn off the cold water to the machine completely and it washes my diapers in super hot water. This gets them nice and clean. Then there is an automatic cold rinse with the hot cycle so they are rinsed again. Then I do another cold rinse to make sure all the soap is washed out of the diapers. 

I then usually dry my diapers in the dryer. I try to only dry my covers just long enough for them to get dry and then I dry my inserts the rest of the time until they are dry. It's the quickest and easiest way for me. 

With this wash routine I have yet to get the stinkies in the four months that I have been cloth diapering Isaac. So it works well for me and I don't plan to change it anytime soon. 

What is your wash routine? Is it similar to mine or completely different? Share in a comment below! 


  1. Exactly the same! But I'm thinking about changing to eco balls for soap ..

    we've been building bacteria in ours (lots of diaper rash) in the past month and eco balls are supposed to be naturally anti-bacterial and the time I tried them they made the diapers really soft!

  2. I have the exact same routine (minus making it super hot, I just put it on hot I don't think I have a switch). I use All Free & Clear for now but I will be ordering Rockin Green at some point. I also plan to get a clothes line for the diapers (I'll still use the dryer for the inserts) now that it's warm and sunny

  3. My washing machine is lame and doesn't have a rinse only option, so they end up going through three full cycles. First is cold no soap (or a tablespoon of oringal tide if they're getting pretty icky), then a hot wash/cold rinse with rocking green. Then another cycle with a few drops of oregano oil to stave off yeast. I usually dryer dry them. Ecause I don't have a cloths line, but I do it on medium until the covers are dry, then medium high for the inserts and AIO's. I wash about twice a week, because my toddler is working on potty training, so less diapers for me! Yay!

  4. My wash routine is the exact same! I turn the knob behind my machine too. Sometimes I dry my diapers on a line outside, but lately I've been doing the dryer since all the seeds from the trees are sprinkling down.

  5. Can you share more about this switch that you have to control your water source? I have to reach back and turn the dial, which is difficult for me to do...

  6. Nice secret about the cold water turn off! I might have to see if mine has that too! The water NEVER seems hot enough!

  7. My washing machine is like Kystina's. There is no rinse option so I have to go through several full wash cycles too.


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