Monday, September 12, 2011

Newborn Necessities Book Review & Giveaway! CLOSED!

Newborn Necessities by Jennifer Cigale is a book for new parents that makes life just a little bit easier!!

This book is a book of guidelines and easy to use charts to document some very important things in your newborns day- their feedings and diaper changes!! The author, Jennifer Cigale, is a mom of two who developed these easy charts when she was a new mother. She started sharing them with friends and has now created this awesome book for everyone to benefit from! 

I received this book to review and I must say I think this is genius! I remember when Noah was born the hospital gave us a sheet of paper with a chart to document feedings and diaper changes but it was only one sheet of paper that only lasted about 3 days. Which was the course of our stay in the hospital. So when we got home I didn't really have anything to keep track of his feedings and changes unless I remembered to write it down on my own sheet of paper, which when you have a newborn, memory pretty much goes down the drain. This book is compact so it can fit into the diaper bag and it's a nice bright yellow so I will always see it and remember to write down baby Isaac's feedings and diaper changes! 

Another thing I love about this book is the guidelines at the beginning! I know these are going to be super helpful when Isaac is born! The guidelines tell you the expected intake and output your baby should be having from his/her birthday till they are seven days old! So this way you can check this and if it seems like your baby is making less wet diapers than expected you can give your doctor a call to figure out what might be the problem! Great peace of mind for new parents! I know I was such a worry wart with Noah those first few days, so this will be a great help with baby Isaac! 

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  1. My biggest fear is that we'll somehow royally screw up!

  2. My biggest challenge was by far breastfeeding. I put so much pressure on myself to strictly breastfeed and got so frustrated and upset when it just wasn't working. Luckily, my little man picked up on it and kept taking it part-time up until 6 months!

  3. My biggest challenge was feeding, whether it was breast feeding or bottle feeding. My daughter was colicky, gassy and spit up a lot. Since she was my first it was hard.

  4. My biggest challenge was trusting my instincts. It didn't take me long to figure out I need to listen to myself, not other people.
    skklemm at gmail dot com

  5. My biggest fear is that I will be able to handle it all. I've always loved kids, but I've never had them 24/7/365!

  6. My biggest challenge was getting enough sleep!

  7. My biggest challenge was going to school, working and raising my a teen mom! But hey I made it through HS as well as college! :-)
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