Saturday, September 17, 2011

Another Great Way to Save Money!

So  if you've been following my blog for a while you know I love to save money and I love to use coupons! I try to be frugal in almost every aspect of my life so when I find a great deal I jump on it! I absolutely love fall because that's when the YARD SALES pop up every weekend! As well as fun fall festivals and consignment sales! So one thing I love to do is hit up the yard sales and festivals early on Saturday mornings and usually can find some great deals!

Today I scored big time! We actually have a really big flea market near us so my mother-in-law and I stopped there first. I was on the lookout for some winter clothes for Noah since he's grown out of almost everything from last year! I was not finding anything at first and getting really frustrated, but then I came across a booth with tons of nice jeans and shirts all in Noah's size! And the best part...the woman was selling them for only a quarter each!! So I got about 16 articles of clothing for under $5!!  I also came across some baby clothes for Isaac that were in really good condition for only $.50 each! So both Noah and Isaac got some really great clothes for super cheap!

We then moved on to a fall festival here in the area and a consignment shop was having a half off sale. I was able to find an Eddie Bauer stroller in checkered great condition...for only $7.50!! Those are not cheap new! So I was so excited! We've been needing a new stroller because the one we had for Noah is horrible to try to push around! This one rolls so easily!

So if your not opposed to buying used, yard sales and consignments are a great way to save money! Most of the time you can find items in really good condition for a steal of a price!


  1. 16 pieces of clothes for under $5? What a steal! Nice work!

    Carla @ Jansen Family Adventures

  2. I have been wanting to shop garage sales! I have no problem buying used...I usually go to Savers and love it.

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