Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Potty Training Update-Week 2!!

So its been a week since we started potty training and I am proud to announce we are still going at it!! Noah is doing very well! For a few days last week he wasn't wanting to go in the potty or wear underwear and would even go as far as asking for a diaper! But we pushed through it and over the weekend it seemed like something just clicked and he started going in the potty and wearing the underwear and even keeping it dry! Yesterday we didn't have one single accident!! He made it to the potty every time!!

We even overcame the biggest issue I've heard most parents say they have, pooping in the potty! He was really scared at first and would try to hold it until he couldn't hold it anymore! But then Saturday when my mom was visiting we distracted him as best we could while he was on the potty and he went poop in the potty!!! It was a huge deal for us! And you could tell he was soooo proud of himself! So he's been going poop in the potty ever since too! He still gets a little bit scared when he has to go but he's been doing well!

The big issue we are having right now is going potty out in public. He doesn't want to sit on a public toilet and pretty much refuses. I need to find a portable potty to take with us to see if that helps. He will sit on the potty when we go somewhere like my mother-in-laws house but has yet to go in it. But of course lately when I go out I just put him in pull ups which are just like diapers so he usually just goes in those. If we continue to not have any accidents at home I will start to put him in underwear out and just bring lots of changes of clothes to try to get him to go while we're out! Crossing our fingers the progress keeps up!

Here's little man going on the big potty!! (Mad at me for taking his picture!)

And here's my handsome big boy in his big boy underwear!!!


  1. Oh congratulations! This is a huge milestone :)

    Spanish Pinay

  2. That's great that he's doing so well!! My little guy is just the opposite. He wants to go potty EVERYWHERE we go. He loves to try out all the new potty's. Lol.


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