Friday, August 6, 2010

Not sure what to title this....

Sorry I'm later posting today. We've been busy running errands and taking Noah to Gymboree. By the time I got home I had a headache so laid down for a bit while Noah napped. I've beens struggling lately. This may be TMI for some but most of my followers are women so I think ya'll can handle it haha.

Last Sunday I started having symptoms of a UTI. Monday they were really bad and I called my dr and had her call me in a Rx. Started taking those Monday evening. It's Friday and I'm still hurting. Not always. Seems lately just at night. But see this is what happened last November. I had symptoms of a UTI, the meds didn't work, they tested my bacteria. So the whole month of December I spent in pain. They tested my urine numerous times only to come back negative. So the end of December I was finally able to see a urologist. He asked me a few questions and put me on meds for overactive bladder. I was frustrated but thought I would try it.

Well the meds worked. I take a pill every morning and haven't had any problems. Until now. Its the exact same situation happening again and I am so scared. I am praying so hard that the meds are working and by the time I run out of them, I will be pain free. But I only have like 3 days left of them. :( If I still have pain when they run out, I will do like I did last time and have them test my urine again to see if there is still bacteria. If not..back to a urologist.

In doing research I think I could possibly have IC. But Idk. I don't think I have just overactive bladder. I think that was just a quick fix. Or maybe not. Idk. But I just pray and hope that this really is just a UTI and that it will go away. Last time this happened I got all depressed and couldn't hardly leave the house because I felt so bad. I felt upset that I couldn't get on the floor and play with Noah, or have the  whole house clean when hubby got home. It was so frustrating and upsetting. So I am going through this stage of fear that it will happen again and its tough on me. Keep me in your prayers please.

Now on to the next order of business....
Day 08 → Someone who made your life hell, or treated you like shit.

Hmmm nobody has truly made my life hell. I've had my share of crappy boyfriends who didn't treat me like I deserved to be treated. The spell with my dad was pure hell. But it didn't last. I was even bullied some in high school and that was hell. But none of it lasted, and now I am one lucky chick to have wonderful people in my life who try to make my life better..not hell. :)

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