Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Have you heard of Wacki Jaqui Designs yet?!

Wacki Jaqui Designs is an awesome blog I have found! She has the coolest blog designs and right now is having a Launch Party, giving away some really awesome stuff to make you blog cooler than it already is! The Grand Prize is a complete blog makeover!

So we all know The Not-So-Secret Confessions could use a little makeover. Let's face it, I just don't have the cutest blog out there. I think it would be amazing if I won because not only would my blog be super cute, but you, my followers, will have something cute to look at when your reading my posts. A cute blog makes you want to read what its all about. A cute blog is fun to see and is a way to express your individuality!

So yea, this blog is in definate need of a makeover! Cross your fingers and wish me luck! I really wanna win!

And go check out Wacki Jaqui's blog! She's giving out all kinds of cool blog stuff!

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