Friday, January 8, 2010

Selfish Biotch!

So Brian's been getting good hrs at work and doing really good with his production rate so his paycheck has been above average. And of course these means a little wiggle room for us but I'm beginning to turn into a selfish biotch. I want this and that and I need this and that. I keep talking myself AND him into stuff I think we need. I know its not good of me to do this. We need to be saving our money and we don't NEED every little thing. Its gotten so bad I just ordered babylegs without even asking/telling Brian! Yikes! But I talked myself into it because it was 20% off plus free shipping! Unbeatable! Hope he doesn't get mad!


  1. SO Been there, and done that. You're right, you shouldn't be doing it. I found out on the other side of it when surprise bills or extra unusual expenses (like car trouble) came in and we didn't have enough money. :(

  2. I know! Luckily my hubby is good with NOT spending money and knows when to really tell me NO. But when he doesn't tell me know and its something we don't NEED I shouldn't get it anyways.


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