Sunday, January 24, 2010

Lots to Tell!

Soo alot has gone on this past week! Brian and I have decided we want to have our real deal wedding ceremony this year! Sooo exciting! Sooo stressful! We are going to do it May 1st. I already have a dress picked out, and colors, and hopefully a place. So now we just got to worry about the little details like invitations, cake, food, etc. I'm really excited. It will be fun. I just wish my fam was a little more into it. My mom seems to care less..even though she was the one who was most upset about us eloping. Oh well.

Oh and the dress I picked out fits perfectly! So I technically don't have to lose weight! I'd still like to shape up some though. And get my arms to look a bit less flabby ahha!

Noah turns one in 3 months and we have to start planning for his birthday party too! We wanna do a Curious George theme. Idk when we are going to do it because Brian only has so many days he can ask off for and we want to save those days for vacation later this year. So we'll see. But I can't believe my little baby will be ONE in 3 short months! Gah! Makes me sad!

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