Tuesday, November 10, 2009

So maybe not...

I'm kinda dissapointed right now. We still haven't heard from the casting agency after driving 2 hrs in traffic for a 5 min audition. I thought for sure we'd get a call. But she said either late yesterday or early today we'd hear from them, and still nothing. Makes me sad. I mean I know Noah is so precious and cute and sweet, but makes me feel like he's not good enough for them. Oh well, he's def good enough for me. I thought he was cuter than alot of those babies, but I think they were looking for a not so white baby haha. Noah's got the blonde hair, blue eyes, all american look. And alot of the other babies were Asian, or black, or had funny hair haha. Oh well, I guess I'll keep trying. And if not..he'll just be my special model baby!

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