Monday, November 2, 2009


So Halloween was pretty fun. Noah was a grump all day but he's been going through his 6 month growth spurt so thats why. But we went to the mall to trick or treat with Kristen and Rylan and it was so packed! And we didn't even get any candy!! By the time we got in the building they were out of candy! It was retarded and I won't be going back there next year. Luckily Noah won't remember this. But then after that I put Noah to bed and went downtown with Kristen and her friends. We had fun. I went as a pirate and felt totally self consious, cuz the skirt was short and my legs are huge!! Plus super pasty white haha. But oh well it was dark and we had fun and danced our asses off!

I told Brian that its not as fun as it used to be. My priorities have definately changed since having Noah. Used to be my only priority was to go downtown and party every weekend. Now its fun and all, but to me its alot more tiring and its only something I could do like once a month or so. Lol so much has changed!

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