Monday, November 12, 2012

Prayers For Tripp

I just wanted to share with ya'll about a little boy named Tripp (2 years old) who lives in my town. Here in Georgia the only effects we got from Superstorm Sandy was really strong winds. On the Monday that Sandy made landfall, little Tripp was playing outside his daycare with all the other kids when a large tree branch fell because of the strong winds and struck him on the head. He was taken to Atlanta where he underwent brain surgery and was put into a medically induced coma. 

Since then he has had many ups and downs. At first the doctors told his parents it was unlikely he would survive. Then, as he started to get better they said he might just pull through this. They were slowly waking him up and were even able to take out his breathing tube. Then last night he was struggling to breathe they discovered he had a collapsed lung and had to put his breathing tube back in and sedate him again. He is not sedated and once again, not breathing on his own. 

My heart just aches for the parents and family of this little boy. I can't imagine seeing either one of my children in that condition. They still have a long road ahead of them no matter what the outcome. It is amazing how our community has come together in prayer and to raise money for this family. One of the main reasons to donate is so that Tripp's mom doesn't have to leave the hospital and can stay by his side through all this. I ask if you pray, to please say a prayer for healing for sweet Tripp and for comfort for his family. 

For updates on how Tripp is doing visit the Facebook page Tripp Halstead Updates and if you would like to donate visit Team Boom For Tripp.


  1. sad! I had heard about him and have been praying. :( Hope he pulls through this. He is so cute too!

  2. That is so heartbreaking. Please keep us posted. I sincerely hope to read an update for a full recovery and will pray for one.


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