Sunday, February 5, 2012

What A Week!!

I'm so sorry I haven't been around much this week and have been a bit behind on drawing winners from the New Year, New Babies event! It has been quite the eventful week for us! 
It started last week when Noah and I came down with a cold. I recovered quickly but Noah developed a bad cough. So we took him to the doctor and got him on some meds. Well Sunday, little Isaac started to develop a cough and was super congested. So I took him to the local urgent care since it was the weekend and they said he had early signs of croup and gave me some meds for him. All seemed well the rest of the week. Isaac appeared to be getting better and I even took him to his 2 month well checkup on Wednesday! Doctor said it was just congestion in his throat and he should be good as new by the weekend. 
Well Thursday afternoon, Noah fell down our stairs! Him falling down our stairs have been my biggest fear since we moved in to this house! Luckily he rolled sideways down them and not head over bottom, or it could have been a lot worse. But he did he the rail coming down and cut his head open! So we rushed to the doctor and he had to have one staple in his head! He had mommy and daddy both in tears! It was such an emotional day! No parent ever wants to see their child in pain :( 
So we get home and get settled in for the night and Isaac starts coughing again. This time he acts like he is struggling to breathe and if he's not coughing he's crying. He was pitiful. We finally got him to sleep around midnight and he woke back up at 4am screaming and coughing and struggling again. So we sat in the bathroom with the shower running so he could breathe. I took him back to the doctor Friday and they did all kinds of tests on my sweet boy. It was no fun. But they were really worried about him. Turns out all that congestion moved down to his lungs and they tested him for RSV and it came up positive. :( Luckily we caught it early enough we were able to avoid the hospital. They sent us home with a nebulizer and he is on breathing treatments every four hours. I had to take him back yesterday morning to be re-checked and he is doing a lot better now! The doctor said he should be good as new by the end of the week.  
So needless to say, my boys gave me quite the scare this week! I hate seeing them sick or in pain! I assume Noah got the RSV virus from his school and while it only seemed like a bad cold to me and him, it was much worse and harder on Isaac. I was at a doctor's office every day this week except Monday and Tuesday! But both boys seem to be getting better and for that I am SO thankful! 


  1. Wow! That really is an ordeal. I'm glad to hear there was no serious injury. RSV is no fun. Both of my kids had it. It was so sad to see them breathing into that little mask :( I hope this week is better for you.

  2. My goodness it is goingaroundd. The gremlin has been sick for 3 weeks. The weather doesn't help. Rsv is scary though! I'm glad you caught it early enough. Hope you have a better week!

  3. Oh no! That does sound like a terrible week. I hope things continue to improve and they both feel better!

  4. I had about the same week! Took my oldest son in on Saturday with an ear infection, he got meds. He woke up Sunday with pink eye! Took him back in Monday for eye drops. Sent him back to school on Wednesday and he broke out in hives! They sent him home. Back to the doctor turns out he is allergic to his antibiotic! Rough week!


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