Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Our New Life

 Just wanted to give a little update on life now with two kiddos! Things are going surprisingly well! I really was worried about how Noah would react and if he would regress on anything such as going potty or sleeping, but he has adjusted really well! 

Noah is very protective of Isaac already and very interested in things I do with him! He loves to rub his little head and "help" me change his diaper. He doesn't seem to get jealous at all. I know its only been a few days, and things could change, but I'm very pleased with how things are going!

Also, breastfeeding is going so well! My milk came in late Saturday/early Sunday and he's been nursing like a champ! He's eating every 2 hours and starting to wake on his own to eat also. I'm not really having any issues at all. I'm a little sore from engorgement, but its manageable! I was so happy to tell the pediatrician at his checkup yesterday that I haven't used any formula at all! And he only lost 4 ounces from his birth weight which is awesome! 

I am seriously so amazed at how easy of a transition this has been. I know things could change and probably will, but as of right now I'm as happy as could be! Life with my three boys is amazing and I couldn't ask for more! I am so blessed! 

And just because..here's some pictures of my sweet boys! 

Our big help..my sister Kellie..she's been such a great help this week!


  1. All I can say is YAY!!! I'm so thrilled for y'all!! I've been praying so hard for an easy transition and for all to go well...our God is good all the time!! It helps that y'all are awesome parents, and you include God in the equation of parenting!! <3<3

  2. Two beautiful boys. Congratulations.

  3. That is great!! And he is a cutie :)

  4. Great news all around! Congratulations!

  5. Congrats on your new bundle of joy. I hope, that things will continue on this positive path...Good luck and enjoy!!!


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