Friday, August 12, 2011

Chicken Soup for the Soul {Just for Teenagers and Just for Preteens} Review + Giveaway!

We all know being a teenager is hard! Those years were really the best of times and the worst of times for me! I look back and I miss the freedom of having no bills to pay or responsibilities, being able to sleep until noon, and hanging out with friends all the time. But I also look back and remember being bullied, my first heartbreak, and constantly worrying about how I looked and what people thought of me. They were some tough years! I remember as a teenager reading Chicken Soup for the Soul for Teenagers and some of those stories really helped me through some tough times. I could relate to a lot of the teens in the book and felt like I wasn't going through things alone when I read this book.

Now there is a new, more updated version of Chicken Soup for the Soul- Just for Teenagers!  A lot has changed since I was a teenager (even though it doesn't seem like it's been that long ago). Nobody had Facebook or Twitter when I was in high school! If you got bullied at school, you could at least escape that at home! Now there is cyber bullying and sexting and all kinds of different obstacles teens have to face!  This book is for those teens. Just for Teenagers deals with real life issues teens today have to face. I love that it deals with the issues of today and not just the same stuff that I went through. (Although a lot of it is similar too). This book covers friendships, dealing with tough times, liking yourself, and reaching your goals. It also deals with things like being bullied or having that first heartbreak. This book let's teens know they are not going through this confusing, mixed up life alone and that all teenagers face these issues all the time. It's a support group in a book!
Being a Preteen can be just as hard as being an actual teenager! Your not quite a child anymore, but your not an adult or even a teenager for that matter! Your stuck right in the middle, trying to find some identity within yourself and just trying to make it through. Chicken Soup for the Soul- Just for Preteens is perfect for your student who's stuck right in the middle of being a child and being a teenager. This book covers issues Preteens face every day such as starting a new school, making new friends, liking yourself, being bullied, and that first crush. It also lets preteens know they are not a lone and covers almost anything they could be going through.

These are both great gifts for the teen or preteen in your life!!

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