Thursday, June 16, 2011

Guest Blog Post- Enjoying the Unexpected!

Ever notice that some of the greatest "mom moments" happen with the occurrence of the unexpected?

Laughing when your 16 month old mischievously breaks into the chocolate and listening to her giggles of happiness as she successfully snuck by yet another thing past her rookie mom....
Sighing with nervous satisfaction after a two hour coupon shopping trip in which your baby finally decides to sit sweetly, smiling and showing only positive goodness (eating only one coupon and shredding only 1/3 of your grocery list?
Giving up after a frustrating eating session in which your child refused to allow any food to cross over her lips and smiling guiltily as you recognize your own stubbornness in your child's personality.
Laughing hysterically at your child's funny faces as she seeks to gain yet more attention.
My biggest unexpected moment in motherhood was learning that my baby had an extra chromosome.
Yep, some of the best things in life arrive under the realm of the unexpected.

 Enjoy whatever unexpected blessing are in your life this week...I know I plan to...
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  1. What a beautiful post. I love the picture of her cracking up with the Reese's

  2. Love this post. Amazing pictures.

  3. Beautiful post. Lovely pictures. I think the spaghetti mess is my fav.


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