Monday, June 21, 2010


It's been forever! We've been so busy! It's summer of course!

We just got back from a 5 day trip to the beach on Saturday. We went to Hilton Head Island, SC. It was a wonderful,relaxing trip! Noah was so easy. He loved the ocean and the sand. He slept good for the most part and was a very easy baby the whole trip!

I can't remember if I mentioned it but I have to have a small outpatient surgery this coming Friday, the 25th. I have som precancerous cells on my cervix that they want to get rid of. I'm kinda nervous but it should be pretty minor. They will drug me up a little and then do what they gotta do, and then send me home. So hopefully all goes well.
We still haven't closed on the house yet. We had a few things that delayed it, but now we are just waiting on the phone call to tell us when and where to be to close. Should be any day now. We are so excited. Really ready to start painting and cleaning and get moved in! We are so sick of this appartment!

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