Saturday, April 10, 2010

Mommy friendships

I've learned something since becoming a mom. The friendships you have with people are extremely different than before. When I had Noah my friends came to visit and ooohed and ahhhed over him in the hospital. And then some of them I haven't seen since. Its sad.

But then you go on and you meet new people...other moms. And while they have so much in common with you, its super hard to get close to other moms. Its usually either one of two things. One, as a family woman and mom your life can be quite hectic. And family comes first. So unless you have nothing else going on, you can't just go hang out with your friends whenever you wanna. Two, you can't get close because you share different parenting styles than the other moms. And even though you don't agree with how they do things, you can't really say anything. So instead you have this friendly, yet not close relationship, where you talk when you see each other and are always nice..but it will never get past that.

It really sucks sometimes. I miss that close friendship I used to have with some of my past friends. I don't really have anyone that I can TRULY just call up and vent to or chit chat with. It takes a toll on me sometimes..cuz I am such a social person. But its all just part of being a mom..and even though it sucks sometimes..seeing my sweet boys face light up when he sees me makes it all worth it. :)

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