Saturday, August 13, 2011

Throwing in the towel!

Potty training has pretty much come to a stand still for about the past 2 weeks. I've been trying so hard to push through it but this morning I pretty much called it quits. Noah went through THREE pairs of underwear in less than an hour! Failed to tell me he had to pee until after he had already peed his pants. This has been happening on and off for about 2 weeks now. He'll have a good day here or there but then he'll have a horrible day or two or three! So this morning I was so frustrated and just asked him if he wanted a diaper and he said yes. So he's been in diapers all day.

I am just so sick of washing underwear and sheets and clothes. He was doing so well the first few weeks and hardly had any accidents and then all of the sudden its like he just quit trying. I have a few theories as to why. My main one is that maybe he is sensing that the baby will be here soon and he wants to be the baby as long as possible. I'm not sure. I do know that he has to have some sense of it. We are starting to bring out baby stuff and talk about the baby more as we prepare and I know he hears us and most likely is beginning to understand.

I've decided I'm just going to let him completely lead the way. If he wants to be in a diaper I'm going to let him be in a diaper. If he wants underwear he can have underwear. I'm not going to force anything on him. He's been in a diaper all day but still has asked to go sit on the potty a few times today. So maybe tomorrow he'll be all about being a big boy again. But even if I have two in diapers come this winter, I'm still going to let him lead the way. Otherwise we both get extremely frustrated and that's not good for either of us. :(


  1. I definitely feel your pain! Mine is 3 and we are starting AGAIN after trying in February and having no success. I had my second baby girl last sept and my son was 2 then, I couldn't potty train when we had the baby so I waited til Feb. I tried way too hard and pushed him when he wasn't ready. Accident after accident poop everywhere pee everywhere I decided to give up. I started a few weeks ago back up again and he's doing much better. He still has accidents, but he's gone 2 days with maybe 1 accident. I just had to accept that he is going to have accidents..that the reality is my child isn't the child that's going to get it right away, but repetition is key. Even if you stop and try up again that's ok. I don't know if you care for advice, I don't want to be one of those know it all moms cause I don't and every child is different. I sympathize with you and know it's very hard or can be. I kept telling mine that babies where diapers and since he really wants to be a big boy now he won't let me put a pull-up on him. And it helped mine to stand while peeing. I put him in the littlest clothes possible for about 2 weeks until he understood and even let him run around bottomless. It really helped him to feel when he had to go poop and pee and I could see in his actions that he was getting ready for something. We watched lots of movies and tv and lots of juice and I'm not gonna lie lots of accidents. I take him to the park and let him pee on trees when he has to go...he likes silly as it is, it makes it fun and interesting.
    My son likes to play games and try to hit the water with his pee. I'm sure you've heard cheerio's and that kind of thing. Boys are tough, and I'm realizing I'm writing a book! If you want any more support let me know! I'm right there with you!

  2. I've tried potty training my son once already and have given up. I'm determined to try to have him somewhat potty trained before Dec when baby #2 arrives. I've laid really low about it. We constantly read potty books and he definitely goes potty before bath time/bed time, but that's all. Then THIS morning after we read his potty book, he decided to go sit on his potty & pee. I'm shocked!! But taking it as a sing to start again.
    Good luck!! It's tough. I'm not looking forward to all the accidents & messes.

  3. Although it would make my life so much easier to have my daughter (2.5) potty trained before her little sister arrives, I have dropped the pressure on us both. Every time she showed a new sign, I would push towards using the potty. For about 2 days this was accepted happily and we had some success. But after that, she stepped back and would quit attempting to use the potty, stop asking for dry diapers, etc. However, every time she picks it back up, she's a little farther along than she was before. I have faith that one day she will get it, but probably not this year.


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