Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Fotobounce Review!

Fotobounce is a really cool new software for organizing and sharing your pictures! If your anything like I am, you have a ton of pictures! I swear I take pictures of Noah daily! With Fotobounce I am able to keep all those hundreds of pictures organized and safe right here on my laptop!

So what exactly does Fotobounce consist of? Well it's basically a software you download to your PC that keeps track of all your photos for you. But that's not all it does! From there you can have your photos organized exactly how you want them, even by someone's face! With the face recognition feature you can view all the photos with Grandma in them in all your albums! But you can also organize them by date, or event, or significant's basically however you choose to organize them! But that's not all! You can edit your pictures also! You can crop them, change the coloring, rotate, and everything right there! I love this feature because I am constantly changing something or croping something out of my pics. But my favorite feature of all? You can use Fotobounce to post pictures to Facebook, Twitter, or Flickr!! All with a simple click! Don't feel comfortable putting pictures on those websites? No problem! You can create a network right on Fotobounce of your family and friends, known as "Bouncers" and share those pictures safely and privately! That way you don't have to worry about anyone you don't want seeing the pictures seeing them! How cool is that?! A new improved version has just been released called Fotobounce 3.5 and a new program called Fotobounce Viewer has also just been released which allows you to view Fotobounce libraries safely and securely on your Android, Windows Mac, and Linux systems!

I am really enjoying this new software! It was so easy to download to my computer and it makes my photo obsession so much more pleasant lol! I can do everything I need to all on this one program! It's so nice to be able to upload my photos, edit them, and share them all in the same program! My favorite feature of course is being able to share on Facebook and Twitter! This is seriously my favorite new way to organize all of my photos!

To download Fotobounce for yourself and join in on the fun go to!

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