Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Help a girl out!!

So have you checked out my Scentsy giveaway yet? You can win 3 Scentsy bars for your warmer for free! I'm also hosting an online Scentsy party currently with my friend Jonna who is the Independent Consultant hosting this giveaway! I am $60 worth of orders away from earning some free stuff of my own! SO.. if you have a Scentsy and want to try some new warmers or  don't have any Scentsy products and want to try them or buy them as a gift for someone's why you should order from my party:

- you get 10 Extra entries into the Scentsy giveaway!! 
-you get 10% off on select items this month! This includes the Scentsy bars!! That makes them only $4.50 each!! 

And because you love me so much right?! :)) You have until next Monday to order from my party! So pretty please order! Any size order will help me!! Thanks bunches!!

Order here(Just click on Join Party by name Michelle Ferguson):

Thanks so much!!!

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