Thursday, August 25, 2011

EMI Yoshi Review!

Ever hosted a party or event and wanted to use plastic but didn't want the cheap look of plastic utensils? Well I have a solution for you!  "EMI Yoshi products are high quality, disposable or reusable plastic plates, cups, bowl and serving ware." They are not only stronger and more durable than your typical plastic products but they are also super stylish!

I received the Square Waves 5oz bowls, like the ones above, in both black and white, to review. These bowls are so cute and stylish! But even better than that, they are super durable! Not only are they perfect for serving at parties or events, but they are the perfect size bowl for toddler snacks! That's what I have been using them for ever since I received them! They work great for cereal treats, goldfish, and even pudding or ice cream! And they are so sturdy I would consider them toddler-proof! Even if your kiddo likes to bang things when they eat, these bowls will hold up to the torture! I love it!

Check out some more of their chic and stylish products that can be used for any occasion!

I am in love with EMI Yoshi products because they are affordable, durable, washable, and so cute and stylish!!

Visit their website to request a catalog and check them out on Facebook!


  1. Wow, really makes an ordinary meal into gourmet.

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