Thursday, December 1, 2011

PaigeLauren Baby Review!

PaigeLauren Baby is a baby clothing line, designed by Paige Lauren, that she created after being frustrated with not being able to find simple and classic baby clothes for her friends. The clothing is made from luxurious fabrics and is modern yet classic.

I was sent the PaigeLauren Baby- Classic Sac in emerald to review on little Isaac.This gown is super soft and perfect for a newborn's delicate skin! I really love the pattern on this gown also. Normally I wouldn't think polka dots and stripes would look good together but on this gown it looks very nice. I love the style of all the clothing. It really is a classic yet modern look. We received the newborn size for Isaac and it fit him very well at his 6lbs 14oz. It wasn't too baggy or long, but there is still some room to grow. 

Overall I love the PaigeLauren Baby clothing line. These clothes are well made out of fine fabrics. They are adorable and classic. They are perfect for your little one or as a shower gift for someone else expecting a new bundle of joy! 

Here's little Isaac in his PaigeLauren Baby gown! 


  1. What a Sweet Picture of your Precious baby!!!!! Congratulations!

  2. This is a cool line, I'm also a fan. Thanks for joining my blog hop, also following you!

    Erica @


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